All You Need To Know About Medical Laboratory Technicians

The physicians in hospitals and clinics are often assisted by few other people who help in the detection of the disease by performing various pathological tests on the tissues of the body as well as the body fluids. These people are called medical laboratory technicians. With an associate’s degree, these people find work either in hospitals or in the doctor’s chamber.

Job Description

Their work profile is not only restricted to providing assistance to the doctor, however, they also play a major role in the detection and prevention of fatal diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and AIDS. They are mainly responsible for carrying out tests on specimens under the guidance of the laboratory supervisor or manager or even a physician.

The results of the tests done by these techies are of great importance, as these results prove to be the leads for further progressing with the causes and treatment of the verified illness. The medical technicians can have specialization in various fields of testing, some of which are microbiology, hematology, blood banking and immunology, clinical chemistry and molecular biology.

Work Environment

Medical laboratory technicians find the use of their knowledge mainly in diagnostic laboratories in hospitals and clinics. Options for employment are available at blood banks and organ banks. Many companies dealing in medical equipment often hire medical technicians as sales agents to explain their product to the target customers. Public health organizations and other laboratories involved in research also require medical laboratory technicians.

Special care needs to be taken while setting up their workplace. It should be spotlessly clean and well illuminated. Protection of the lab technicians is the topmost priority hence lab coats and masks and goggles are used by them while at work. They are required to be up for work even at odd hours of the day or during a case of emergency.

Job Duties

The medical technicians have many duties assigned to them some of which are as follows:

• It is their responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of the workplace. Proper sanitization of the workplace along with preparation of the medical specimens is among the key responsibilities of a technician.
• They have to be very careful while collecting blood samples and analysis of various chemical components meant for medical use.
• Handling medical equipment with care and their maintenance is also their lookout because these are the equipment which is meant for diagnosis of parasites in the medical specimens.

A career in medicine is very rewarding in every way. This career field is also witnessing a boom with a rise in employment every year. Although this field is very interesting, make sure to through the details for the training required to become successful in this field of medicine.